OVERSKILL.ORG is my main domain and it was purchased on March 7th, 2010 to host my personal projects and random sites. It was pretty difficult to come up with a name, but in the end I purchased it because I love how it sounds and it has two awesome words on it. I also own two more domains, uchuu & deathly flower but for more information on that you can visit my network page ♥


Hello, my name is Kula and I run this domain! To be sincere it's kinda difficult to talk about myself but after thinking a lot about it I feel like I should---anyway, I'm a Chilean female old enough to be considered legal around the world, I have an obsession with megane guys, videogames (specially otoges and mobas), anime&manga and design. I'm still studying so my little free time is used in either homework, design or playing league, the latter who nearly aborbed my life.



After almost two years of inactivity I'm back with the 7th version of overskill named girls & guns. I've always liked strong and awesome girls so when I saw this illustration by Yuusuke Kozaki I just had to use it. The image was taken from Minitokyo while the resources from DeviantArt. This layout was made while using Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS6.